ThermaFreeze Products Corporation

The Ultimate Ice Substitute, ThermaFreeze™
Made in the USA!

ThermaFreeze Products Corporation is a publicly traded US company that manufactures a patented, innovative refrigerant product.

Our hydratable ice packs are used in many different industries to ensure the safe transit of perishables with the cooling power our frozen gel packs provide. This is the 21st century answer to outdated gel packs and shipping technology. ThermaFreeze ships dry, reducing the inbound freight costs by not shipping the unnecessary water weight.

See if our product can help reduce both your inbound and outbound shipping costs! Some customers find you can use less ThermaFreeze to achieve the same results compared to other ice products. ThermaFreeze also has a number of other different uses and applications. Consumer and a variety of therapeutic health care uses, requiring either cold or hot topical application. It has also been known to be your coolers best friend.

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